Pasteleria Forcado

It was a rainy day in Brussels and the high ceiling windows of Pasteleria Forcado were very tempting when I walked into the street. Nothing better than to see the world outside pass by with a nice cup of coffee or tea and a cake in front of you. The cakes they serve here make me dream of holidays in cities were the sun always shines. Well, perhaps not always, but there is more sunshine in Lisboa than in Brussels!

The Portugese family that owns Forcada is specialised in making Pasteis de nata, the best custard tarts you will ever taste. Paper thin crispy pastry crust with a heavenly smooth vanilla and cinnamon flavoured custard inside. The combination of flavours and textures makes this a sensational sweet treat. 

They serve a range of coffees and teas but it is first of all the little custard cream tarts that will draw you into Forcado. I have always chosen the classic vanilla and cinnamon 'pasteis de nata' but here they also make nata in other flavours according to the seasons: strawberry, lemon, chocolate, pistachio, coffee ...

Forcado doesn't only have inviting windows also the interior is designed in a bright and modern style, I especially like the wall art with their logo in. Everything has style here, I love the way you place your order at the bar and then your drink and nata is brought to you at your table on a tray. Top marks for the friendly service here, always makes me smile.

At the counter are more delicacies for sale from jams and coffees to wines and oils. Just don't forget to take a box of nata home, because someone will be jealous when they see this!

Forcado Pasteleria
Chaussée de Charleroi 196
1060 Brussels

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