Swonderful's Top foodie places in 2014

Can you believe 2014 is almost over. I started  my new diary yesterday, so 2014 is now one for the archives. Always a melancholic moment. Time for some reflection and see what favourite spots, food, drink I came across in Belgium this year. I didn't make one, but six lists of my best of the best! Do you make lists too? 

Top 5 places for lunch

1. De Superette - winner of the best concept restaurant and a must-go whenever you visit Ghent, bread made on the spot, great for breakfast and dinner too!
2. Camino - the best Báhn Mi sandwiches in the country
3. Pistolet Original - nominated best concept restaurant, only the best bread with the best fillings, in Brussels
4. Native - wholesome and organic restaurant in Antwerp, one of a kind.
5. Les Filles - my favourite for a warm and healthy lunch in Brussels, grandma's style.

My Top 5 beers

I discovered some great beers this year and that all thanks to beer expert Sofie Vanrafelghem, who organises events and talks with passion for and knowledge of the art of brewing. Looking forward to more discoveries this year, Sofie!

1. Timmermans Blanche Lambicus 
2. Affligem blonde
3. Winter Koninck
4. Liefmans Kriek 2005 
5. Chateau d'Ychouffe

My 5 favourite Italians

1. Senzanome  - I had the privilege to sit at the table of this Michelin star Italian. For those special occassions, what a treat!
2. La Gazettathis stylish corner caffé and deli gave me that true Italian feeling, I didn't made it to Italy this year, but I had La Gazetta for some Italian flavour.
3. Mama Roma, a favourite quick bite in Brussels, pizza is the best!
4. La Piola - when in doubt I always take friends to La Piola in Brussels, everybody loves a good Italian.
5. Orso, great pizza place in Antwerp, they even have a glutenfree one!

Best 5 breakfasts of the year

1. Vroom Vroom, the mobile coffeeshop where you get the warmest smile of Brussels with your morning coffee fix. Elfya, you rock!
2. Domestic, my favourite bakery in Antwerp, I gladly wait in line for their spelt and sourdough bread.
3. Prelude + Bake, the best corner coffeeshop in Brussels, great lunch here too!
4. Caffénation, ask anyone in Antwerp where they like to have coffee and they will say Caffénation! My favourite spot is at the table on the first floor at the window, with a cappuccino!
5. The breakfast I had in my hotel room in Le Touquet, overlooking the beach, while the sky became blue and the waves glistened in the morning sun. Coffee with a view.

Top 5 apéritifs

1. Le Petit Canon, great organic wine list and one of my favourite places in Brussels to meet up with friends.
2. The Cointreau Fizz I drank at the opening of The Pony Club hairdressers in Antwerp, I made one at home too!
3. My own summer Gin Tonic with thyme infusion.
4. A tandoori spices cocktail at The Jane Upperroom Bar in Antwerp, best bar and best design, love it!
5. The Beer cocktail with passion fruit at The Jane Upperroom Bar, again.

The best of the best, my top 5 discoveries of 2015

1. The Jane Upper Room bar, jawdropping great design, best bar staff and fantastic and original cocktails.
2. Knees to chin, spring rolls like you have never tasted them before, the sweet potato one is the best.
3. Manhattn's, fancy burger restaurants everywhere now, but I have never tasted a homemade sauce and seasoned fries like the ones I had at Manhattan's.
4. Bùn, a must for everyone who loves Asian food and good produce. Their grilled mackerel rice noodles is just one of the best things I have eaten this year.
5. Gelateria Decadenza, the sweetest discovery of 2014, thanks to blogreader Klara who told me about this great ice-cream parlour in Leuven. It's not ice-cream though, it is gelato! With the craziest flavours you can imagine, still dreaming about the frangipani.

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