Cartoonist Eva Mouton makes tote bag for Kom op tegen Kanker

Twenty years ago I was confronted in my immediate surroundings with the devastating news of cancer. Your world stops and you feel at loss in how to help and support your beloved ones. 
At the time there wasn't much to read on this in the media. I remember I wanted to know more, knowledge to understand and to have something to hold on to. The only source of information I found then was the cancer awareness foundation 'Kom op tegen kanker'.  They raise money for cancer research and prevention campaigns but also for projects that give support to children with cancer or social and psychological help.
This year they blow out 25 candles, more than ever a reason to make a donation. 

The symbol of the 'Kom op tegen kanker' campaign is the azalea flower. To mark their 25th anniversary the foundation has asked fifteen artists from different disciplines to make a piece of art inspired by this delicate flower. The result is shown in a special art exhibition at the Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke, Belgium). Belgian fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen is one of the artists who have created a unique work (see photo above) for the exhibition, that you can visit until March 2015.

This weekend a lot of you will start shopping for Christmas presents. Kom op tegen kanker and the Belgian fashion house Terre Bleue have asked cartoonist Eva Mouton to make an illustration for their special edition tote bag. The bags are for sale at all the Terre Bleue shops and webshop and also at Eva Mouton's webshop. Wouldn't they be the perfect gift to wrap your presents in? 
So before you start looking for the books, socks and sweets for under the tree, go get that Eva Mouton tote bag and show your warm heart for a good cause. 

I have bought mine already, only 9,95 euro 

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