Preview of Callebaut's chef's jacket by A.F. Vandervorst

I come from the land of chocolates but also from the land with great fashion designers, so I think it is wonderful that the two worlds meet in this great Belgian project. 'Give wings to creativity with chocolate' the baseline says.

Callebaut® Chocolate, worldwide known among chefs and chocolate lovers for its great chocolate has now teamed up with AF. Vandevorstthe famous fashion designers duo An Vandevorst en Filip Arickx. They found each other in their love for craftmanship. Filip Arickx, whose dad was a pastry chef also felt an immediate connection to the project, remembering the bags of Callebaut® chocolate in his dad's kitchen. 

Callebaut® Chocolate Academy centres™ are the training ground for many great chocolate chefs. Today's chocolate chefs don't just make creations in their kitchen, they like to explore too and travel the world to share their knowledge. It was the explorer and traveler theme that inspired A.F. Vandevorst to design a special Callebaut®'s chef's jacket. Based on the pilot's overall it will have handy zips and pockets. The jacket will be a creative blend of cool and functional. Discover the first glimpses in the video below. 

All Callebaut® Academy chefs and 70 leading Callebaut® Ambassadors worldwide will wear this and from Spring 2015 the personalised chef's jacket will be available for the public through the Callebaut® Chocolate Academy centres™.  A must for every fashionable aspiring chocolate chef! Keep an eye on the Callebaut® Chocolate Academy centres™ website. 


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