BÚN - Vietnamese streetfood in Antwerp

Remember this summer I had a longing for travels through Asia...I haven't made it there yet, but I did discover two new great Asian streetfood restaurantsBún is the second one: it opened this Spring in the centre of Antwerp and was a hit from the very first week. This Vietnamese streetfood restaurant is designed with the hole-in-the-wall idea behind it, but there the comparison ends. This is Asian cuisine at a very high level, with top quality ingredients and prepared by the highly skilled chef, Huibrecht Berends, who runs Bún together with his partner Hoa Truong. Every time I was there Hoa greeted me with the warmest Asian welcome. The quality of the food and service are an equal match here. 

Vietnamese street food is known for its pure and fresh flavours and that is what you find at Bún too. They like to use local produce in their dishes, because they find sustainability important, but always cooked in traditional Asian style. Bún means 'noodles' in Vietnamese and noodles play the high note on the menu. You find a selection of spring rolls, fried noodles and noodle soup but when they use meat they use 'West Vlaams rund' from Belgium. The first time I ate at Bún I had a spring roll with mackerel. It was without a doubt one of the culinary highlights of my year. 

The design of Bún is modern and pure with one eye-catcher behind the bar: the artwork on the wall is created by graffiti artist Steve Locatelli and depicts a cockfighting scene.  
The only little downside to the restaurant is that it is small, there are a few bar seats, four windows seats and a few seats at the artwork wall. It was always full when I was there and once I didn't find a seat, but don't worry: they do take-away too! You can make reservations, but only after 20:00. 
When someone asks me where they can have a nice Asian meal in Antwerp, I happily recommend them Bún!

Sint-Jorispoort 22
2000 Antwerp
open 12:00-21:00 (Sun at 16:00)
closed on Wednesday

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