The story of Manhattn's started a few years ago in ... Manhattan! Two Belgian brothers were bringing a bit of Belgium to New York, baking Brussels waffles from a foodtruck. They moved back to Belgium last year but not without bringing a bit of New York back with them too and look, one year later you can eat real American burgers in Brussels! 

The autumn wind blew me inside last Tuesday for their first ever shift. In true Hollywood style the Manhattn's neon sign is lighting up the rather grey Avenue Louise. The decor with 'yellow cab' yellow and black walls is surprisingly cosy. I loved the comic strip style artwork on the wall and the designs of logo and menus. 
Tried and tested by yours truly, these are damn good burgers! 

The burgers are made with matured beef from grass-fed cows and the seasoned hand-cut Belgian fries come with a smoky homemade sauce that is fingerlicking good. The menu has of course a range of burgers, but good to see there are also salads and a veggie burger. And the one thing that usually is missing in Belgian burger restaurants and that my nephews are always asking for: milkshake! (yes, I also was thinking of the burger and milkshake scene in Pulp Fiction)

I had an Empire cheeseburger with special ComtĂ© cheese and I am glad nobody took a photo of me eating it because you need a pretty big mouth to eat this juicy burger. We had burger sauce on our chin but also a big smile on our face. 
The chef delighted us with the burger buns, they look a bit darker than the usual ones because of the extra virgin olive oil, but their brioche taste is so much richer and very yummy. 

Make sure you leave some space for dessert, there is a devilish good ice cream sandwich on the menu! 

Avenue Louise 164
1040 Brussels
Open for:
Lunch 12-14
Afternoon sweets 14-19 (ice cream sandwiches, cookies, shakes, coffee and drinks)
Dinner 19-22
Closed on Mondays

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