Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived in my kitchen! I love the purple, yellow and orange carrots you find on the markets now. Autumn skies can be so grey and dull but these carrots bring colour on your plate.

Roasted Carrots with yogurt dip


1/2 kg multi-coloured carrots
Olive oil
Runny honey
Fresh rosemary leaves
Ground black pepper
Sea salt
Greek yogurt

Peel the carrots and cut lengthwise. Mix two tablespoons olive oil with two tablespoons lemon juice, one tablespoon runny honey and a teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves. Whisk well and season with freshly ground black pepper and a little sea salt. 

Brush all the carrots with this dressing and roast in a 200°C oven for about 20 min (depends on how thick you sliced the carrots). Just make sure they don't burn, because of the honey the carrots will caramelize but they shouldn't burn. 

Serve with a dip of Greek yogurt, drizzle of olive oil and fresh black pepper dip. 

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