Knees to Chin

This summer everybody I know seems to have been in Asia. Every day I opened Instagram I scrolled through long lists of photos of street stalls with pancakes, dumplings, noodles, rice in banana leaves... and I was home during one of the most rain filled summers in years. Thank God I discovered two great Asian restaurants where I could soak up a little of the Asian flavours or I would have walked into the first travel agency I passed. 
The first of my Asian restaurant discoveries is Knees to Chin. What a fabulous name for an Asian restaurant that brings the 'hole in the wall' theme to the corner of one of my favourite streets in Brussels, the Rue Bailli.  

Somebody had some serious thoughts about the design of this place, because it is perfect! From the green tiles on the front wall and the can't miss neon sign on the window to the plants hanging on the ceiling and the lights that make you dream of stars covered nights in warm Asian countries. I love everything about the design here, dix points from me! 
And another dix points for the equally perfect service. The lady behind the counter welcomed me with such a friendly smile, I felt like a lost traveler who after a long day of walking had found a place to sit and eat something really nice. 

I am not difficult when it comes to Asian food, as long as there is no okra in it I will eat everything with pleasure. Rice paper rolls were already one of my favourites, I love this kind of fingerfood that you can dip in a fragrant sauce. There is cutlery on the table but I ate the rolls with my hands anyway. 

Rice paper rolls come in a range of different fillings and here is Knees to Chin quite original in: from satay chicken and duck with pear to sweet potatoes or marinated prawns, the menu is so appealing. I only had two rolls this time because I had an evening of cheese and wine waiting for me, but I couldn't resist to try the sweet potato and the smoked salmon. And it was an excellent choice! So good that I already know now that next time I will have the sweet potato definitely again! And there will be a next time, I just want to try them all. 
A range of homemade sauces are waiting for you next to the chopsticks on the table, the peanut and the avocado sauce being my favourite with the rice paper rolls I had chosen. 

While I was eating the rolls there was a real summer downpour and it reminded me of my travels a long time ago and of running into a little restaurant on the side of the street sheltering from the rain. I could hear the rain ticking on the street through the open door and smell the fragrance of coriander, pineapple, mint and I had that real Asian feeling I had so been missing looking at my friends' Instagram photos. 

Knees to Chin
Rue de Livorno 125
1000 Brussels
02 644 18 11
They also do take away, in nice brown folding boxes!

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