BBQ Workshop with award winning chef Peter De Clercq

Guest blogger Els Debremaeker

A few weeks ago I was invited to a BBQ workshop with herb picking in the rural Flemish village of Maldegem close to Bruges. Leaving busy Antwerp behind me and breathing in some fresh countryside air filled with herbal fragrances was exactly that little me-moment I needed. Restaurant Elckerlijc lies surrounded by a 7000 m2 vegetable and herb garden and a farm with chicken, pigs and lambs. This is the life work of chef Peter De Clercq, the only Belgian who ever became World Champion BBQ (2003).

We started the workshop with a guided visit: picking the herbs for the meal we will have later, while listening to Peter's expert explanation. Our basket was filled with a composition of herbal fragrances and flavours, a selection of herbs you won't find in your local supermarket but here they are grown with passion and knowledge.

And then the cooking part of the workshop started in his top notch open plan kitchen, where Peter introduced us to different cooking methods used in the bbq world. 
Peter is the only Belgian chef who ever was World Champion BBQ (2003), so when he puts the coals on the fire we know there is something fabulous going to happen. Needless to say it wasn't your usual hamburgs or sausages. The farm stable is beautifully converted to a kitchen annex workshop, with own meat maturing cabinet! Anybody who has ever tasted it knows that dry aged meat on the bbq is heaven on a plate.
And have you ever tried to bbq mussels in a Qbag - the special home made vermouth made it even more extraordinary. For every bbq king or queen it is worth having a look at his great range of bbq products

The workshops Peter offers in his restaurant are a feast for every bidding BBQ chef: from the herb picking to the expert explanation and then eating all that great food of course! If you are interested in a workshop, check out the special dates, they cost 100 euro per person.

Only wish I had such a herb garden...

Next workshop is BBQ with mushroom picking on 20th September, grab that diary!

Restaurant Elckerlijc
Kraailokerkweg 17
9990 Maldegem
T 050 71 52 63
Closed on Wednesdays

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