When I lived in London I always got my morning coffee from a little truck outside the tube station. I love food trucks, not the ususal hot dog and hamburger ones you find outside football fields, but this new wave of trendy entrepreneurs who bring high quality food and drinks in mobile version. 

I saw VroomVroomCoffee, the Brussels espresso bar on wheels, appearing on social media a few months ago and I felt instantly nostalgic for my London coffee fixes. I am a coffee lover, I couldn't start the day without one. Café lattes are my favourite, but a cappuccino in the morning can make me very happy too.

I had been looking at the VroomVroomCoffee facebook page for weeks hoping to find a date they are serving and that I am in Brussels in the morning. Because that is the added fun to food trucks: the anticipation for the days they set up shop in your neighbourhood. They travel around the city and it is a similar excitement to when I was little: I also marked the days the ice cream van passed in our street.

Meeting Elfya from VroomVroomCoffee was such a joy! Not only was it a perfect café latte she made me but she also has the biggest smile that can brighten up any cloudy day. If I would be living in Brussels again, I would be there at her espresso truck every morning.
She parks the VroomVroomCoffee mobile often at the University and around the Lakes in Ixelles, but always best to check her Facebook page first, that has the latest updates.

If you are in a hurry you might want to check out their menu on the website first, the choice is large! From the well known café latte to a marshmalllow hot chocolate. 
If you don't really like coffee you can still choose from different kinds of teas and chocolate milks.  I also like that she offers a choice in different milk varieties, almond milk being me favorite. And who can resist a nice pastry or muffin with their morning coffee? I couldn't and went for the triple chocolate muffin!


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