Grandma's kitchen at Les Filles in Brussels

I know a great lunch and dinner spot in Brussels and now you are going to know it too: Les Filles. 

In a beautiful townhouse with majestic staircase the cooking is done with countrystyle flair and inspired by grandma's recipes. Big pots of mashed potatoes and plates of meatloaf were waiting for us when we had lunch there. You can see the kitchen team in true Audrey Tatou style with matching striped t-shirts cooking in the open plan kitchen. They have a whole wall filled with Staub cooking pots in all colours - envious! 
This is lunch like you wish you would have time to make yourself everyday: healthy, wholesome, organic and with lots of seasonal vegetables. These girls can cook! 

There are two big rooms were you sit at long tables with the other guests. Most plates are served in the big Staub pots to help yourself, to seconds like you would at home, not? The tables are dressed with vintage plates and cutlery, not one is the same, but it all looks like it could come out of an Elle D├ęco Magazine. 
We loved the Maldon salt and top quality olive oil on the table waiting for the rustic bread to be dipped in. There is a daily fixed lunch and dinner menu with two starters, a main course with sides and a dessert. 
On the ground floor is a stylish grocery store filled with pantry and kitchen items in tempting packaging and the top floor is used for culinary workshops during the week.

Les Filles is right in the centre of Brussels close to the Rue Dansaert with its trendy and stylish shops, it is my ideal lunch spot for a day of shopping!

Les Filles
Oude Graanmarkt 46
1000 Brussel
T 02 534 04 83
Open every day for lunch (16 euro) and dinner (25 euro)
On weekend days they do brunch! 

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