San Pellegrino table designed for Het Pakhuis in Gent

Guest post: Els Debremaeker 

photo San Pellegrino

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a very special table in a place that holds so many memories for me. 

For the second year in a row San Pellegrino brings the world of designers and restaurateurs together at a originally designed table. 
This time interior designer guru Lieven Musschoot teamed up with furniture and product designer Cas Moor to create not only the actual table but also the decoration, the light installation and a matching rolling table. They found inspiration in the iconic colours of the San Pellegrino bottle: green, blue, red, white. This table is a real synergy of Italian materials and Belgian design.

Practice the art of fine food whenever you can’ is the slogan they started with and they couldn't have picked a better spot for their creation than Het Pakhuis. A restaurant that has been such a favourite for so many years. Since I was a student in Gent I loved to turn into that little hidden street and walk through the big doors to get overwhelmed by this amazing space. The food has been consistently good and I always happily brought my foreign friends here to taste some great French-Italian cuisine.

To sit at Het Pakhuis again now in the company of a great designer and a new generation designer graduate felt like past and future brought together for me. Lieven and Cas have created the kind of table you tend to sit at longer than you thought you would. That is what a great meal and great design does for people, you forget about time and just enjoy the moment to build up future memories. 

photo San Pellegrino

photo San Pellegrino

photo San Pellegrino
Check out the making of video to get a taste of this great table. (in Dutch, with subtitles!)

You can book the San Pellegrino table at Het Pakhuis in Gent till end August 2014. There is also a San Pellegrino table at Garage à Manger in Brussels, designed by Belgium's famous hatmaker Elvis Pompillo (until mid July 2014). 

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