My shopping route in Antwerp

My favorite spot to start a day of shopping in Antwerp is Bar Tabac Julien. In true Parisian style you can get your coffee and cigarettes here. Sitting at the window eating my chocolate croissant (the ultimate sin before shopping...) I saw the street waking up in front of me. The best spot though is at the back, where you have your own reading corner sofa. Take a big pile of magazines and I could sit here all day.

Fuelled with caffeïne I stepped out of Bar Tabac Julien, straight in the Schuttershofstraat, one of the best shopping streets in Antwerp. At Comptoir Cottonier they have great basics but I love this shop especially for their accessories: scarfs, belts, hats, I always see something I like here.

Just across the street is the big and very attractive shop window of Essentiel, one of Belgium's finest clothing brands. They also have a great men's shop a few houses further up the street and now there is even a pop-up beachwear shop in their women's shop. A must see on my shopping route. I fell in love with the Ibiza themed colours of the beach collection and could almost smell the suntan lotion and hear the wind in the palm trees. Those embellished shorts are going to be a hit on the beach this year and I already saw two scarfs I covet for this summer.

Foto Essentiel
foto Essentiel

I zigzagged through Schuttershofstraat to a new shop: Atos Lombardini. Italian fashion with a lot of black in the collection, my all time favourite fashion colour. I tried on a classy silk jumpsuit and saw some great long and strapless summer dresses. At the back of the shop there is a luxury capsule collection that had me dreaming of cocktails in the summer sun, where is that party invitation? This is a new shop I instantly fell in love with.

At the end of Schuttershofstraat you can find the most cheeky shopwindow of the city. I am a fan of Agent Provocateur's sassy lingerie and even more so of their great perfume range. No trying on lacy little numbers this time but I did try one of the newest perfumes: Pétale Noir, instant crush! There is a nice pink bottle in my bathroom now.

Time for a first pit stop. The list of juices at Pitten & Bonen is long, but I am going straight for the juice of the day (with strawberries!) and have a little rest in the relaxing and secluded courtyard. They have great panini's and sandwiches here, but I was still feeling guilty about the chocolate croissant in the morning so I postponed lunch a bit. Enough vitamins in my body now for part two of the shopping day!

The shop of fashion designer Dorothée Schumacher opened only a few weeks before I visited it. I had seen so many appealing photos of the opening night passing on social media, I was very curious. What a great new shop: from the delicate fabrics that you just want to touch and feel on your skin to the beautiful pink roses on the counters and silk ribbons on the bags, I love everything about this shop! The dress with blue polka dots - like January Jones from Mad Men wore recently - and the amazing pieces of jewelry stole my heart. The shop assistant was so friendly too, I stepped outside with a big smile on my face and a promise to be back soon.

The latest arrival on the Antwerp shopping scene is &Other Stories. For weeks I passed the house with the 'coming soon' sign on, eagerly waiting for the opening. High anticipations can be disappointing sometimes, but I had already seen the &Other Stories shop in London and knew that it would be fabulous! Everything you - I - always wanted is here. Great accessories, I love their shoes and jewelry, nicely cut skirts and dresses all in colours and prints that are stylish and timeless and the cosmetics and then there is the beauty range where it is impossible to choose from - can I buy every nail colour? The shop is a truly magical place: every time you think this is the last room, there is another corner or step that takes your further into the style walhalla!

foto &other stories
foto &other stories
foto &other stories

I ended my shopping day with a healthy late lunch at Comptoir de l'Epicerie, the deli shop of restaurant Epicerie du Cirque that is next door. Everytime I had passed this new spot it gave me a holiday feeling, it is easy to dream away to the South of France looking at the counter full of seasonal salads, condiments, hams and cheeses. The choice of artisan and organic products is amazing here and what is even better: they have a few seats in- and outdoors where you can eat those delicacies on the spot. Rose lemonade and a brown spelt ham sandwich for me while I looked at the content of all my shopping bags and made more summer plans to wear them! 


Bar tabac Julien
Wapper 18
2018 Antwerpen
open 09u00-19u00

Comptoir des Cotonniers
Schuttershofstraat 41
2000 Antwerpen 

Essentiel Beach
Schuttershofstraat 26
2000 Antwerpen 

Atos Lombardini
Schuttershofstraat 27
2000 Antwerpen 

Agent Provocateur
Schuttershofstraat 7
2000 Antwerpen 

Pitten en Bonen
Lombardenvest 31
2000 Antwerpen

Dorothee Schumacher
Nationalestraat 24
2000 Antwerpen

&Other Stories
Korte Gasthuistraat 17
2000 Antwerpen

Comptoir de l'Epicerie
Volkstraat 23
2000 Antwerpen 

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