Brussels Food Friends event #2

The second Brussels Food Friends event last Saturday was as great as the first one: more than thirty familiar and new faces met up in the restaurant of Hotel Bloom in Brussels.
A waffle van was waiting for us with Li├Ęge and Brussels waffles and bowls plenty of colourful toppings. Food friends must have sweet teeth because there was also an arty cake made for us especially by cake decorateur La Cucina Delle Zie.
The afternoon started off perfectly with the flowery and polka dotty Miss Foodwise who had us all listening attentively to her blogging tips.

Mingling is never a problem at these events, food bloggers tend to be very sociable people and we all have in common that we love to talk about... food! We were given a questionnaire with 15 favourites to ask to each other, from favourite pizza topping to favourite picknick food and many more. What a great way to introduce yourself and your blog to others, bonus points for the organizers. I was a great event - again!

The goodie bag was a bit heavier for me this time because I won a book with recipes from Alain Ducasse! I was a very happy bunny and am already looking forward to the next edition!

See all photos on the Brussels Food Bloggers Facebook page and check out the list of bloggers who participated on the BFF website!

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