A day of beauty in Swonderland

Last Saturday was my-getting-ready-for-the-summer-time. A day filled with beauty at my favourite beautyspots in Antwerp. 

Nothing better than starting a day of pampering with a decent cup of coffee and I always go to Caffénation for my favourite brew. Sitting on the first floor in the morning sun, only the prospect of Charlotte's great hands and Hiske's artful siccors could take me away from a day of lazy weekend paper reading and coffee sipping.

When you move to a new city the first thing you do, before finding a good doctor, is finding a good hairdresser. Mine is Hiske and her great team at Snip Snip hairsalon. Now I was so lucky that through my great hairdresser I also found a great beautician. Charlotte Coppens can turn my winter hobbit feet into summer fairy feet. I always look forward to our happy chatting, she is the perfect pick-me- upper. I wish I could be one of those ladies who lunch, I would be there every week for more pampering with great Phytomer products. Charlotte gives facials that would have Hollywood stars wait for in line and I could easily get addicted to her reflexology treatments. 

Snip Snip is housed on a beautiful corner with floor to ceiling windows. It used to be a garage where cars were displayed. You can still see details of that past together with some great pop and seventies art in this unconventional hairsalon. I am in lust with the gold rimmed round mirrors. The chair for the children's haircut is the best spot, but I always leave with a very grown-up hairstyle! (and the most natural blonde colour, but hush, hush, let's keep that a secret.) 

Nothing better to finish a day of beauty with a stiff gin 'n tonic! Let that sun shine now, I am ready from my toes to my head. 

Mechelsesteenweg 16
2000 Antwerpen

Charlotte Coppens
Kronenbrugstraat 90
2000 Antwerpen
T 0497 04 58 65

Snip Snip Charlottalei
Charlottalei 36
2018 Antwerpen
T 03 345 75 76

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