Very Inspiring Bloggers Award

I was absolutely thrilled to bits when Alexia from Must be Yummie chose me as one of her inspiring bloggers. She had nominated a great list with more than one blogger on who inspires me too.

When you receive the award you need to tell 7 facts about yourself. That was the easy bit:

1. I am probably eating chocolate now
2. I love long train journeys and I can write best when I am on the train. Some authors take trains just to write on and I can so relate to that.
3. I can't draw and I am jealous of people who can - see one of the inspiring bloggers below who make great drawings
4. Having lived in Edinburgh and London, I am an anglophile and yes I have milk in my tea. (milk first in the cup!)
5. I like to start the weekend with a good gin 'n tonic and end with a glass of champagne
6. Of all the social media Instagram and Pinterest are my favourite, if I went for a run every time I am on one of these I could have run a marathon by now.
7.  I love porridge

But then the difficult part came: I also had to nominate a list of 15 inspiring bloggers. Mon dieu, what an impossible task, there are so many. And then even many more.
I have been blogging for more than 4 years now, you can imagine how many great and inspiring bloggers I have met on the way. So here it is, my list that should have been much longer, in no particular order and from food to photography, travel and deco:

Latte Lisa 
This blog oozes inspiration: Lisa always picks the best photos of interiors and landscape and has great reading tips. A blog to curl up with on the sofa, drinking your morning latte. It's like pinterest in a stylish format. I love her food blog too: only healthy recipes from this Icelandic lady.

Stefanie Duval does not only create great jewelry (I have been feeding my piggy bank to buy one!), gives inspiring talks on social media but always has the most inspiring travel tips too. Her hotel tip for Budapest brought me to one of the best hotels I ever stayed in. Next week I will tell more about it. I love the photos she posts too, always such a joy to read one of her blogposts.

Why not Monday 
Why not Monday is the creation of Julie Donckers. You get more than one inspiring blogger on Why not Monday, this blog has a whole army of sixteen contributors and several guest editors. Ranging from travel and music to food and fashion: the latest and coolest are all on Why not Monday.

Niente di particolare
The lovely Ruth takes you to her world of beauty, fashion and food goodies. Niente di particolare means nothing special... I don't think so Ruth: my list of things I want always gets longer when I read your blog.

Princess Misia 
The most enchanting food photos on the web with the extra bonus that her recipes are super healthy and easy. 'Princess'...? I say Queen to you (or Queenie)!

Dutch Femke has her own catering company but also knows social media inside out: from bloggers events and a great Pinterest page to her inspiring Instagram account, I am a fan.

Anyone who ever renovated a house knows how much stress it brings and how unglamourous it is. Eliza from interior design blog Ergenstussenin takes you on her renovation project but with a lot of style and class. Her great decorating tips make me almost wishing the bathroom tap would break so I could get that great black matt one I saw on her blog.

When I go to a new restaurant I always look it up first on Frank's Be-Gusto blog. I had the pleasure of sitting at his table once and know how good he is in describing what lies on the plate and is poured in your glass. One stop for restaurant reviews in Belgium and the rest of Europe: Be-Gusto!

s marks the spots 
I love discovering great new places in cities, that's one of the reasons I am writing this blog. So I was thrilled when I recently met fellow blogger Sandy who shares the same interest. I love following her Instagram account too!

Un peu gay dans les coings
There is no other blogger that has inspired my food shopping list like Sylvain. His recipes are full with exotic ingredients to discover. His travels and the great food he describes are my inspiration for future adventures.

The Forest Feast
Her photos are all taken on her terrace overlooking the forest and they make you wish you were there too. But it are her watercolour drawings that make this blog so visually beautiful. I can't draw but when I see her work I so wish I could. The Forest Feast is always first port of call for inspiring and easy party recipes.

Joy of little things 
Annemarie Van Riet writes a blog that will make you want to change your whole kitchen: pure and simple ceramics and kitchen tools.

What a find the day I discovered this blog of photographer Laetitia Vasseur. CduBeau is a feast of colours and flavours with inspiring photography and great recipes. And reading it is a good exercise to brush up on my French!
I recently was one of the lucky ones to win her cookbook Made in Brazil. Been dancing the bossa nova ever since!

The blog with the prettiest food styling and a colour palate to dream away with. I fell in love with her Pantone food photography but her travel tips and travel photography has me equally smitten. I love how you can choose the blogposts by colour.

Green Kitchen Stories
Again a blog with the perfect combination of fantastic photography and equally fantastic healthy recipes. I have been inspired on so many levels by this blog. A weekly must read for me.

for anyone who wants to handover this Very Inspiring Blogger award, these are the rules:

*thank the person who gave it to you
*add the logo to your blogpost
*share 7 facts about yourself
*nominated 15 bloggers who inspired you and share it with them
*show the award on your blog and follow the ones you have nominated

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