Pistolet Original

When I was little the whole family would gather at my grandma's house on New Year's day. The children would read their New Year's letters, the parents proud as punch. There would be envelopes with money for the children and boxes of Mon Chéri chocolates for the grown-ups. And then we would all sit at the big kitchen table and eat 'pistolets', white crusty buns, with minced meat and ham from the local butcher, one big jar of Piccalilly and one with mustard on the table and real butter from the last dairy farmer in the village. We would eat pistolets until we burst and then there was cake. Ah, memories!

It was the first thing that sprung to my mind when I walked into Pistolet Original, my grandma's kitchen table. There is no wooden table, on the contrary, the decor is a trendy mix of white and red, but what you eat here tastes as good as it was in my memory.

The pistolets here are the best of the best in Brussels, with fillings like steak tartare, crab salad or sausages. The list of suppliers of Pistolet Original reads like a who's who of Belgian artisan food producers. Bread from Yves Gun, one of the best bakers in the country, organic meat from butcher Hendrik Dierendonck supplier for Michelin star restaurants, traditional mustard from Gent's pride: Tierenteyn, ripened cheeses from Julien Hazard... and the list goes on. Read through it here but what is even better: go and eat one of those pistolets! They are not cheap, but what you get is of such quality it is worth every penny.

Every time I have been at Pistolet Original I couldn’t resist the vintage candies they sell in the deli part. The ones I used to buy as a child from a little candy store on the way to school. Penny wafers, babeluttes and cuberdons, Joris gummy bears... I am on memory lane, again.

Pistolet Original
Rue Joseph Stevens 24-26
1000 Brussels

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