Italian flavours in Brussels

I have been dreaming recently about weekend trips to Rome but the diary says 'no'. I hope to go later this year, in the mean time I am trying to recreate that Rome feeling with some Italian flavours I found in Brussels.

What would I eat on a weekend trip day in Rome?
Definitely pizza! The 'al taglio' pizza concept of Mamma Roma is exactly what I crave for: choice of three pizza toppings, cut for you on the spot. The one near Place Chatelain is perfectly located for my shopping spree in Rue Bailli. First some shoe shopping and then pizza!
Mamma Roma also has six other locations in Brussels, even one in Paris, check out their website.

Mamma Roma
5 Rue de Page
1050 Brussels

From Place Chatelein it's a nice walk along the designer shops on Avenue Louise to La Gazzetta where I indulged in dolce e caffè: lemon almond pie and a cappuccino while I rest my shopping tired feet. You have to look a bit for this place, it's hidden on of the corners of a side street of Avenue Louise.
They do great pasta lunches here too. And apéro - naturalmente!

La Gazzetta
12 Rue de la Longue Haie
1050 Brussels

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