Coffee houses in Budapest

On top of my list of places to visit in Budapest were the historic coffee houses.
End of 19th century they were popping up all over the city, places for the rich to have an afternoon coffee and cake. Most of them had decoration as opulent as little palaces. Chandeliers, heavy velvet curtains, marble floors and luxury pastries. There are so many spread over the city but I chose to visit these four (almost five) coffeehouses.

Café Gerbeaud

I was blown away by the beautiful interior of café Gerbeaud. It's like a room in the Palais de Versailles with cristal chandeliers and heavy curtains. I felt like a little princess sipping my morning cappuccino here. It is impossible to choose at the cake counter, the Gerbeaud chocolate cake is the pièce de resistance and the bijou boxes with cookies a must to take home. 

Vörösmarty tér 7-8
Metro M1
open 09u00-21u00

Café New York

Based on the ground floor of the chique hotel New York you find this recently renovated coffee house. Cafe New York is grand in every way: from the gold gilded ceilings to the opera-like balconies (on one of them someone was playing a grand piano) and the army of black tie waiters. It used to be the hangout for famous Hungarian writers but I saw only tourists and hotel guests when I was there. A bit too much gold and rococo for me, but again a place with so much history, not to be missed on my coffeehouses tour.

Erzsébet körút 9-11
Metro 2 Astoria
open 09u00-00u00

Gerlòczy café

In comparison with the other two this is one of the smaller coffeehouses, but I loved it so much. Situated on a quiet square there was such a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace, with a very Parisian feeling. If I would live in Budapest you would find me here every weekend reading the papers and sipping my coffeee.

Gerlóczy utca 1

Alexandra café

I have a reason to go back now to Budapest: Café Lotz in the Alexandra bookshop was closed when I went there. The art deco building already looks amazing from the outside, I so regretted I couldn't experience the first floor cafe with its breathtaking renaissance ceiling . Next time, top of my list!

Andrássy út 39.
Metro 3 Opera

Little look inside

Callas Café

After three days of beautiful  sunny weather the sky turned grey and it started to rain. Luckily I just passed the most stylish of all coffeehouses: Callas café, next to the Opera House. It was already three o'clock in the afternoon, too late for strong coffee but the Hungarian sparkling wine with the Callas chocolate cake was just perfect to give my afternoon a glamourous touch! 

Andrássy út 20

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