The BbyB. box with chocolates

I love stylish packaging with cool fonts. I get weak in the knees just thinking about chocolat. Can you imagine my jump for joy when this box from BbyB. arrived on my desk. 

Foto BbyB.

The first B refers to 'Babelutte'. For every Belgian this immediately brings back childhood memories at the beach. Babeluttes are caramel candies that you only find in the seaside candy stores here. No surprise the babelutte taste in this chocolate is complemented with a hint of sea salt. What a great combination, this 'sub box' was finished first - I admit, I ate them all by myself. The rest of the selection I shared because I believe great chocolates are for sharing.

The second B with a . is the B of Bart Desmidt, two star Michelin chef of restaurant Bartholomeus at the Belgian seaside (Heist-aan-Zee). It is here that the famous babelutte chocolate was created and soon became one of the favourite desserts on the menu. Since 2010 you can buy them in the BbyB. shops together with now 22 different other culinary flavours Bart created with chocolatier Jan Verleye.

Foto BbyB.

All the flavours in my box got the thumbs up: 
The passion fruit with basil was the surprise hit. Not your usual flavour combination, but so incredibly good! 
The hazelnut was nuts to the max in your mouth
The crème brûlée really tastes like the best crème brûlée you ever had and even better
The cherries and pistachio gave you two layers of taste discoveries

You can create your own box of flavours or choose one of the six collections. Not to worry if you don't live in Antwerp or Bruges, you can buy them on the BbyB. webshop too and then you get this colourful box delivered to your desk, like I had. 

Now you have to excuse me but I have one piece of the crème brûlée chocolate left and I just have to eat it now! 

BbyB. Antwerp
Schrijnwerkersstraat 15
2000 Antwerp

BbyB. Bruges
Sint-Amandsstraat 39
8000 Bruges

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