Superfood with Kruidvat

I grew up in a family where there was bread, butter and jam on the breakfast table, every day. Occasionally there was a pot of plain yoghurt and honey from a neighbour who kept bees. But never any other fancy breakfast food. I think that is the reason why I love to make new breakfast recipes so much now. 

When I was living in Edinburgh I discovered porridge. I know all of you who grew up with porridge will say '?', for me it was a revelation. I love porridge. But, I only like the sweet variety. It is like popcorn: you are either sweet or salty and I am sweet. My first porridge recipe was something with raisins and honey in and then I started experimenting: figs, prunes, pistachio nuts...and recently: superfood! 

How great are those new bags of superfood you find at Kruidvat now: chia seeds, goji berries (I am officially addicted) both are great superfood toppings for breakfast recipes.
And then there was this bag of coconut flour. What to make with that? You can sprinkle them over cakes and muffins, smoothies and yoghurt, but I spooned it through my porridge and said YUM, YUM, YUM!

No excuse anymore for that toast and jam breakfast, I am going all super (woman) food with these Kruidvat goodies:
Coconut flour (125g) - 1,49 
Goji berries (150g) - 3,99 
Hennepseeds (200g) - 3,99 
Chia seeds (250g) - 4,99 
Wheatgrass powder (125g) - 7,99 

Porridge with almond milk and Kruidvat coconut fibre

1 tablespoon Kruidvat coconut flour (fibre)
3 tablespoons oatmeal
120 ml almond milk
honey (optional)

Put the oatmeal and coconut flour in a saucepan and pour the almond milk over it. Bring to boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes, stir occasionally, make sure it doesn't stick. Take off the heat and leave to stand for a minute. Serve with (lots of) fresh blueberries and a drizzle of honey.

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