Café du Sablon

The Sablon is one of the posher areas of Brussels. Very trendy with the Chanel dressed ladies who wobble over the cobblestone streets in their patent leather pumps. I was a bit apprehensive when I went to the new Café du Sablon, expecting a room full of expat ladies who lunch. Nothing like that at all when I was there. Only a cool and easy atmosphere with an inviting cakes selection and a coffee menu of barista worthy level. The beans are selected especially by Rombouts coffee for the café du Sablon and roasted in the house. My cappuccino was just perfect. Next time I am going to try the slow drip coffee while sitting on the terrace looking at the sculpted towers of the church in front. History and coffee, perfect combination. 

Oh and the homemade twix cake was perfect too. My guilty pleasure of the day. 

I love the eclectic mix of decor here with chandeliers and designer seats and sofas. The tables sticking out of the windows are just the best spots to people watch.
There is a nice selection of salads and a quiche and soup of the day for lunch and I am giving top points for the waitress that day who brought me an extra cookie and napkin without me even asking. (she must have seen me licking my twix covered fingers...)

Café du Sablon
Rue de la Régence 26
1000 Brussels

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