Le Petit Canon

I often hear from people that they don't like Brussels at first and I admit, it is not always easy to find the nice places here. Even when I lived in Brussels I had to ask my trendy friends where the best bars and restaurants were. Places change quickly and they are often away from the centre. Le Petit Canon however has been around for a few years and is close to the lakes in Ixelles, somehow I never made it there before. Now I wish I had been there sooner, cos I love it! Unpretentious but with a quirky decor and a wine list that has serious body.

There is a decent house wine (2 euro per glass) but the real treats are on the blackboard with a nice selection of natural wines. I had tried natural wines before and some are just too acid for me. I asked the friendly waitress what wine she could suggest and when I told her about my bad experience with natural wines before she let me taste one first. At 6,50 euro a glass you rather not have a wine you don't like to drink. But this one was different, I didn't have to think twice about it, the Campagne Bacchus 2012 from the Ventoux region in France is a delicious wine. No acid taste, but really soft, an excellent choice for me.

This is wine to taste and savour so I had time to look at what else there is on the menu: they have a nice selection of  'pour accompagner' bites that go perfect with alcohol: tins of sardines and octopus for the greasy munchies and artichoke dip with toast or ripened cheese for the more classy taste.

On Sundays they serve brunch and I could see eggs en coccote, pancakes and sparkling wine on the menu.
I will be back!

Le Petit Canon
91 Rue Lesbroussart
1050 Brussels

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