Surprise bubbly and cake birthday party

She had been thinking about it for months: I am turning forty, I am turning forty, I am turning forty. And then suddenly her birthday was there.
Whoever makes a fuzz about turning thirty must prepare double for the next landmark birthday. Forty, it is not an easy number. Sometimes you just want to forget. Over and done with.
But then there is your sister who organizes a surprise birthday party with your best girlfriends.
Thank god there were cakes and bubbly and lots of presents!

I am the sister who baked cakes! Not one, but four, because you are only forty once.

Happy birthday sis xx

Yoghurt cheesecake with orangeblossom water

I made this cake the day before because it really needs 24hrs in the fridge and even then I thought it should have been more 'set'. Everybody loved it though and that is the main thing!
I found the recipe on the Dutch Delicious magazine website.

Source: Delicious Magazine website

The lovely red glass cake stand is IKEA Aktad 

Chocolate Beetroot cake

I have been wanting to make this for a long time, but you can't make a whole cake just for yourself (or can you?), so this was the perfect occasion to try out the great Nigel Slater's Chocolate Beetroot cake recipe.
The video is super handy, I want this kind of video for every recipe I make!

Source: BBC Good Food website

Blood Orange cake (not so pink)

I admit, I am a big pinner. I only need to type in 'P' on my laptop and it goes straight to the Pinterest page. One of my favourite boards is my 'Cakepedia'. When I am craving for cake but can't or shouldn't have any because it is way beyond that day's weight watchers points, I torture myself a bit by looking up cakes for the 'Cakepedia' board. On one of those days I found this great picture of a Blood Orange cake (recipe in link) with pink frosting on it. For me it was love at first sight.
Sister loves pink, well, she loves pink champagne, so I thought she would love a pink cake too.
The cake was great, the icing not so. It wasn't really pink, but it was very good the guests said.
Nice guests.
And yes, the cake is yummy, it is just me, I am no icing champion.

Source: Annie's eats blog

Carrot cake

I luuuuuve carrot cake. The word 'moist' is invented to describe carrot cake. My carrot cake is soft, sweet, a bit tangy and very important in this family, nutfree. In other recipes I just swap the nuts for raisins, but this one is already nutfree.
You really need to grate the carrots and no, that is not always a nice job if you don't have the right kitchen tools. But eat this cake once and you will grate carrots every week. With a big smile on your face, in anticipation of the carrot cake experience.
So yes, I might not know a lot about icing, but I do know frosting! Frosting is easy, just cream cheese and powdered sugar, give it a good whisk (that's already a few calories burnt).
I am partial to anything with shredded coconut in, so if you don't like coconut quickly scroll up again!
There must be hundreds of carrot cake recipes, but this one from BBC Good Food is one of my favourites because it has all-spice in it. (That is 'Piment', for Dutch speakers)
And no nuts, only raisins and sultanas.
I didn't have the marmelade for the frosting but it was good without it too.
The nice cake decoration idea comes from

Source: BBC Good Food website and Thursday Dinners blog

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