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Foodie discovery in Gent Dok Noord

I always love to visit Gent! The old city centre with historical buildings, the caf├ęs and bars along the canal, the great foodie places following the latest trends, Gent has so much to offer. And now I found a new reason to visit this great city: I recently boosted my foodie miles when I discovered Dok Noord. I use the word discover on purpose here, because it is a little bit of trek to get there. I took the bus from the railway station in a direction I had never been before, up North, how exciting. Dok Noord lies on the outskirts of the city. It is a renovated warehouse site along the old Gent harbour that is renovated into loft apartments, offices for start-ups and shops and restaurants.  Dok Noord One of the halls in the warehouse complex is turned into a true culinary hotspot offering a range of eateries. When I walked through the high glass doors I was a bit taken aback by the towering ceiling with majestic chandeliers, the space is quite overwhelming. Every corner ho

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