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24 hours for foodies in Shoreditch London

In April I was in London and it was so nice to be back again. I hardly dare to say how long ago it was that London and I had met (whispering *5 years*). I saw my ex-colleagues for a girlie office reunion but also took a day for myself to go back and re-discover the first neighborhood I lived in during my London years: Shoreditch. Hip and trendy then (1997) and also a quite edgy and rough. Still hip and trendy now but definitely richer and more upmarket. If only I would have bought a tiny studio then, I would have been a very wealthy lady now. Never saw that written in my horoscope, ahum.
First stop was lunch: straight from the Eurostar I jumped on the 205 bus and went to Spitalfields market to finally visit the restaurant of one of my hero chefs and food writers: Ottolenghi! I have always found his recipes and cookbooks fantastic, but eating the salads for real was just such a wonderful flavour experience. I went for the biggest menu: a plate with four salads that you can choose from…

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