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My top 10 favorite vegan dishes in Antwerp (and one more)

A few years ago I read this article by Mark Bittman, food journalist and columnist for the New York Times. He looked at how a vegan lifestyle can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar problems and wrote a book for people who think they can't stick to a complete vegan lifsetyle: the VB6. You eat vegan food before 6pm and the evening meal can be non-vegan in moderation.  
Reading this gave me the motivation to try as often as I can to incorporate more vegan food in my life. Like Mark Bittman I will never be a full-time vegan but I am more and more seeing meat and cheese as delicacies and I don't have them every day anymore. One of the efforts I made this last year is to try a vegan choice when it is on the menu or to meet up with people in places that serve vegan food. Luckily for me those places are now super trendy and have an ever-growing selection of tasty and flavoursome food combinations. 
Below I made a selection of vegan food I like in my hometown Antwerp. It is a person…

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